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pro bono

children’s hunger
in Kiel – pro bono

From 2015 to 2019 we ran the Make Midday campaign for free midday meals at schools in Kiel and collected around €750,000 in donations for this initiative. For three of those years we provided our service free of charge, for which we won the Politics Award 2017. The campaign took the idea of free midday meals right up to Germany’s Federal Council (the assembly of the 16 state premiers) and since 1 August 2019 the German government has been paying the €1 contribution each child previously had to make.

The North

A land
on fish

WIR FISCHEN.SH is a unique campaign for Schleswig-Holstein’s commercial fishermen. Its modular design puts all the different kinds of fishermen from shrimp-catchers to freshwater fishermen in a good light. The magazine clearly positions an industry that is so typical of Schleswig-Holstein Germany’s “True North”.


Hearts over heads for Nordex

Not everybody likes to strictly stick to rules. But everybody has some heart-felt reason why they want to get home from work safe and sound. These surprising findings from employee surveys led us to create a strategically emotional campaign for the Nordex Group, one of the leading players in the international wind energy business.


Brands are (only) people 

The new mobility brand for the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate is Rolph. Thanks to Rolph the whole mobility issue in Rhineland-Palatinate now has a representative, somebody who asks questions and gives answers. At the same time, the mobility issue in this German state has developed into a movement that brings all mobile people together. So Rolph has more or less become a personified role model.

The North

Enhanced perspective for the world’s best contact lenses 

Wöhlk invented contact lenses, makes the world’s best-quality ones on the flatlands of Schleswig-Holstein, and sells them through its own sales channels and to selected premium brands. Since 2016 we’ve been working for this hidden champion in a 360° approach covering everything from strategy to social media.

Location marketing

Ambassadors need stories

The most convincing ambassadors are people who have found their true identity. Our domestic campaign for the “True North” communicates the message that numerous people in Schleswig-Holstein have found the place they’ve always longed for and wouldn’t swap it for anywhere in the world. We are no exception! More than 400 stories can already be found on Darum.SH and many of them are at least as convincing as the four we filmed ourselves.

The North

Taking a stance and a clear positioning

Cleanliness is in our blood. In the cleaning sector Bockholdt’s positioning is unique. Instead of pushing price and performance they prioritise attitude and personality, thus overcoming all the prejudices about this sector. The campaign has been particularly effective internally and helped attract new personnel.

The North

24/7 for Kiel

By launching the new magazine for Kiel Public Utilities, we and the client took an important step forward in positioning this brand. 

Location marketing

The True North

Schleswig-Holstein. Germany´s True North. In only 18 months our claim became Germany’s second-best-known state claim and is already part and parcel of everyday language. The authentic, unbent character of Schleswig-Holsteiners has also made them Germany’s happiest people – so much so that nobody wants to move away!

The North

1,400,000 clicks
in four years

Since June 2016, Lars has been travelling round Schleswig-Holstein creating smart communication happenings and staging tutorials for local transport – with great success! It wasn’t just the clicks that shot up; the likeability ratings are also great, and Lars has become a cult figure in Schleswig-Holstein. To top it all, the campaign won a Silver Dolphin in the Corporate Media and TV Awards in Cannes.


Emotional local transport

The current campaign for local transport in Schleswig-Holstein (NAH.SH) focuses on people and emotionally charges the German word NAH (= near or local) in all the visuals by showing the good sides of being driven around – without resorting to exaggeration.


Simply press ballet

Since the beginning of 2019, boy has been working for Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Authority. The first job was to launch the world’s first-ever app that brings children safely to their destination by local transport – just in time for the start of school in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Location marketing

A brand strikes the
soul of the city

In 2011, boy deployed a strategic process to give Kiel a new positioning and in 2016 developed Kiel’s new look. Right up to the present day, we have been working with various institutions in the city to transform the city’s personality, attributes and values with a view to the future.


scary and successful.

The global safety campaign for Bombardier Transportation works with a very direct approach and emotionally powerful images of people with work-related injuries. It has been a success.


100 new bus drivers
in three months

Successfully attracting new employees has become a key objective of many companies. With seven six-seconders on YouTube and an accurately targeted media strategy North Germany’s biggest bus operator, Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH), welcomed 106 new bus drivers to its workforce in only three months.