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Bärbel Boy.
Company founder, strategy head, coach and consultant.


Bärbel is a fast, coolly analytical thinker. Something she loves doing. Her mind is full of expertise in strategic development, agenda setting, change management, crisis communication, brands and leadership. As a marketing economics and political science graduate and empirical social studies researcher, Bärbel loves learning more about all these fields, which she does regularly. That is why she also works as a conflict moderator, business mediator and Lego® Serious Play® and Design Thinking facilitator. She lives in Brussels and works everywhere and anywhere.

Stefanie Giese.
Communications consultant, strategist, managing partner and coach.


Stefanie helps people and groups move up to a new dynamic. Her wealth of experience includes corporate and brand communications in the conventional B2C and the finely tuned internal and external B2B, institutional, NGO and healthcare fields. She brings sensitivity and a professional overview to communications planning, steering and accompaniment. Achieving effective results that can be successfully transferred to tomorrow’s world is her heart-felt aspiration. And she has the confident patience to persuade people to set out on new paths.

Oliver Boy.
Creative director, managing partner and design strategist.


Oliver is characterised by convincing visual and verbal skills and a talent for communication. His experienced eye is focused on typography, design trends, visual language and brands. As a communications designer and creativity trainer, he develops effective visual strategies for our customers, always mastering the balancing act between pithiness and purism. Oliver is a people person and his designs are always close to the people they are geared to.


Thinking together is possible.  Auguste Rodin’s sculptureLe Penseur (The Thinker) depicts an isolated individual. Thinking was long located in an individual’s mind. Nowadays, we think in networks. What does that mean in practice? We exchange our ideas, think out loud together, and build on other people’s ideas. The modern word for all this is think-tank.

That’s how we see ourselves. But not just as an agency on our own but also with our clients and our partners from the broadest spectrum of relevant disciplines: photographers, brand rights consultants, programmers, journalists, filmmakers, printers, illustrators and moderators. They all think with us. And we prioritise long-term partnerships to maximise the quality of what we implement.