Boy Boy

Our manifesto

We are honest, ambitious and energetic.We safeguard the effectiveness of what we promise. Our strategy is qualitative growth. We are long-distance companions. And we assume responsibility for the future.



We manage this agency to earn money so we can lead our lives in the way we want to live. But we do not define success in purely economic terms. Our definition of success is finding the right balance between good financial results, relevant contributions to society, and ecological responsibility.

We only want affordable growth, which means employing only as many employees as is financially viable from a long-term perspective, staying true to our client selection criteria, and maintaining our defined quality standards. In all this, we aim to improve our performance-earnings ratio to such an degree that we have enough time left for ongoing development, other important areas of life and societal engagement. That is what we call qualitative growth.

And that is what we want for our employees as well. In consultation with them we develop working time models that enable the best possible realisation of their individual models of life within the context of our business situation and the demands of collegiality.


We want to not only deliver highly professional work but also do meaningful work. That is why we choose our clients according to pre-defined criteria. We like working for projects and clients that drive society forward.

The services we perform for our clients should be of a substantial nature and of internal and external significance. Our main performance goal is effectivity. We analyse, advise and develop concepts in order to implement effective measures for our clients. We achieve this effectivity by surveying in advance and checking afterwards. What clients invest in our services pays off.

We have quality standards that rule out certain projects – not financially speaking but because of our limited time. As quality is a basic precondition for our long-term market position, we are extremely strict about quality – both internally and externally. And we are always striving to improve.


Professionally speaking, we look to the future with open eyes and an optimistic frame of mind. Our work is founded on in-depth research into and examination of the future for which our clients need to be equipped. The measures we implement are aimed at making our clients fit for future challenges.

To this end, we are constantly expanding our knowledge base, reading surveys, producing ones of our own, asking questions, weighing up answers, adding to our skills, observing and evaluating developments – all factors that are prerequisites for the performance we strive to deliver. Knowledge is our foundation. We ensure a broadly based and sustainable transfer of knowledge within the agency. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and tried-and-tested methods of knowledge management. After all, through sharing knowledge we multiply knowledge.

We deal with people – our clients, suppliers, partners and employees – in such a way that we can cultivate common, long-term ties. Our goal is trusting relationships. This defines how we behave on a day-to-day basis. We hold our clients in high esteem. We do not unreasonably drive down prices because partners enhance our competencies. We are honest, because honesty lasts longest.

Our management concept is strengthening strengths. We deploy people where they are best suited and quickly delegate responsibility. We encourage people with praise and trust. As everyone is able to deploy his or her strengths, we enjoy a performance-oriented atmosphere, plenty of fun and a strong team spirit within the agency. We love to learn more – day by day, from experience, from other people, at seminars, from books, from competitors, and from criticism. We continue to develop as individuals and as an agency. And in this way we safeguard our own future.


Assuming responsibility for our colleagues, our projects, our agency and ourselves is the basic precondition for our success. We responsibly manage our time, and that of our colleagues and clients as well. Day after day, we strive to maintain the balancing act between quality, profitability and responsible leadership. We treat information, knowledge and opportunities responsibly. And every one of us is totally engaged for the goal of our shared success.

We are conscious of our good professional qualifications, promising entrepreneurial opportunities and stable working environment. That is why we like to assume a degree of responsibility that goes beyond ourselves and the agency to extend to other people around the world and future generations as well. We make sparing use of resources – whether they are common ones such as clean air and energy or our individual resources of energy, health and knowledge.

In our everyday lives we look for ways of living and working more sustainably. That begins with fair-trade coffee and double-sided printouts, but does not end with railcards and our travel policy. We offer our clients advice on sustainable communications and “green” media as well.

We like to share, for example by regularly taking on for free jobs for organisations and initiatives that themselves contribute to the welfare of society. We like to make donations and are engaged in social work in both Kenya and closer to home.