Boy Boy


Strategic consultancy understands a company and its structures and environment. The focus is on preparing a company to face the challenges of tomorrow´s world.


Market research and futurology are the starting points for our strategic consultancy. By asking the right questions we deliver trailblazing answers to solve whatever assignment comes our way. Questions are our most important tool.

Our services

  • Comprehensive market research concepts
  • Street surveys
  • Story-telling interviews
  • Interviews of experts
  • Picture-based online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Structured observation of experiments
  • Pre-tests and much, much more


Our understanding of strategy covers the corporate vision broken down into strategic and operative goals, defined milestones, and the key characteristics or indicators that make progress measurable. It defines all the relevant stakeholders and their roles in the corporate mission. And it identifies the measures and means deployed. To plan a new, mind-anchored reality with words and images you need the right balance between realistic and courageous thinking. 

Our services

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Strategic moderation for senior management or departments
  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy visualisation
  • Market positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Communications strategy

What guides us:


Communications advice enables perceivability, positions a brand, and ensures a convincing dialogue with internal and external target groups.


Communication is a fundamental discipline and follows simple rules: the sender, message and recipient have to come together at the right time, with the right means and through the right channels. The more of them there are – senders in complicated structures, target groups with heterogeneous needs, messages with complex content, media in the infinite expanses of the internet – the more important it is to stay on top of things through tried-and-tested tools: Who says what to whom – how, when and by which means?

Our services

  • Sender positioning
  • Message development
  • Media architecture
  • Media planning
  • PR consultancy
  • Social media concepts
  • Internal and external campaigns
  • Crisis communications


Brands don’t suffer from the chicken-and-egg problem. Before a brand exists there is always something the quintessence of which is personified by that brand, e.g. a past, some products, a reputation, some ideas, concepts or patents and, above all, people: sales persons, CEOs, inventors, consumers, users, customers, stakeholders or competitors. Together with you we will define the brand personality. After all, a brand describes and incorporates the entire identity of a company, a product, a concept or an institution.

Our services

  • Brand development
  • Naming and visualisation
  • Brand manifests
  • Brand profiling
  • Brand architecture
  • Multi-sensorial brand showcasing
  • Brand training
  • Brand cultivation (especially for B2B brands)
  • Institutional brands
  • Community brands
  • Brands in a public environment
  • Regional brands


Organisational development analyses strengths and potentials, defines objectives and future structures, and takes people through change processes.


Good moderation techniques get you to your goal faster, create unanimity, generate enthusiasm, and open up new perspectives – whether in the development of a coordinated management strategy, in qualitative market research, in a public participation process, or in the implementation of structural changes. We advise you on processes and formats, develop moderation concepts, conduct the actual moderation, and record the results.


  • Conventional moderation
  • Workshop planning
  • Workshop implementation
  • Professional visualisation
  • Blue Ocean
  • Design Thinking
  • Large group formats such as Open Space, World Café, storytelling, Lego® Serious Play®, scenario planning, BIG Picture, effectuation, etc.


Organisations are where people work. Their behaviour as individuals and groups defines the character and future viability of organisations. They leverage changes. At boy we do the conceptual work for change processes and then proactively accompany them, e.g. in developing new portfolios or aligning them to changed market conditions.

Our services

  • Change processes
  • Vision and mission statement processes
  • Process communications
  • Innovation
  • Participation processes