Boy Boy


Strategic consultancy understands a company and its structures and environment. The focus is on preparing a company to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.


Communications advice enables perceivability, positions a brand, and ensures a convincing dialogue with internal and external target groups.


Organisational development analyses strengths and potentials, defines objectives and future structures, and takes people through change processes.


We feel particularly at home in the following fields: mobility, health, life sciences, energy, public and social affairs, tourism and location marketing.



boy is strategic consultancy, communications agency and organisational developer. We advise companies and organisations operating in Germany and internationally in everything to do with strategic alignment and internal and external communications, as well as accompanying their change processes. 


Welcome to the Home of Thinkers. At boy we like to think. We think about things for longer. We think ahead. We think out different scenarios so we are fully prepared – on our clients’ behalf. And we think with them. That is how we define service. We enjoy putting our heads together – together with our clients. For us thinking isn’t mental exercise but our way of working. In our Home of Thinkers we make space for thinking. That’s our common denominator, our aspiration, and our invitation to you.



Even though equal rights is important to us, right now we’ve only got three “real” boys in our team.

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H83. Our real-life thinking space for questions, hypotheses and musings. Everything from strategic fireside chats and Lego® Serious Play® to Design Thinking Day. A space that includes tree terrace breaks or communal cooking in the open-plan kitchen. H83 can also be hired for external events: +49 431 240004-25 or

D60. The machine room where 20+ strategists, account managers, copywriters, graphic designers and the like work on effective communication measures for our clients.

A09. Our permanent representation in Berlin – ideally located for international, cross-cultural consciousness as well as appropriate networking in the (creative) capital of Germany.